Phillip Hoose & Sandi Ste. George Playing with Chipped Enamel (Photo, Mark Mattos)

Phillip Hoose’s original songs have been featured on NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ and ‘Weekend Edition’. They have been published in ‘Sing Out!’ magazine,‘Rise Up Singing’ two collections of original music, including songs written with his daughter Hannah Hoose.

Hey, Little Ant______
Hey, Little Ant, the song written by Hannah Hoose, become the popular illustrated children’s picture book of the same title now available in nine languages.  Visit the Hey, Little Ant website to see the song and book’s genesis and journey.

Delaware Bay Blues
Phil also composed the Delaware Bay Blues while on the Bay with shorebird volunteers and  scientists.  Hoose performs the song at Moonbird events and shorebird fundraisers.  Have a listen and share it with students and bird lovers for just a dollar.

BUY the song Delaware Bay Blues at CDBaby ($.99)

Chipped Enamel
He is also a proud member of  Chipped Enamel, a Portland, Maine-based band whose songs, often original, are heard at rallies, benefit concerts, festivals, and other venues.

It’s Christmas and I’m a Jew
Delighted to share this song written and performed with my daughter Hannah Hoose.  The song will be included in the newest edition of Rise Up Singing.

Children’s Music Network
Phil is on the board of directors of the Children’s Music Network, an international organization of hundreds of children’s musicians and artists.