We Were There, Too!

We Were There, Too!:
Young People in U.S. History

By Phillip Hoose
Published by Melanie Kroupa Books,
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

National Book Award Finalist
Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Books of the Year
American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults


Available in Hardcover
Order from Amazon | Indiebound | ChildrensBookstore.com

About the Book
“Shoot me if you dare. I will not tell you.”  –Dicey Langston, age fifteen, to a gun-pointing loyalist in 1780, who demands she reveal a patriot secret.

This unique book is the first to tell the story of the role young people have played in the making of our nation. It brings to life their contributions throughout American history–from the boys who sailed with Columbus to today’s young activists. Based largely on primary sources–first-person accounts, journals, and interviews–it highlights the fascinating stories of more than seventy young people from diverse cultures.

Meet Olaudah Equiano, kidnapped from his village in western Africa and forced to endure a terrifying voyage into slavery; Rebecca Bates, who with her sister plays the fife and drum that scare off British soldiers during the War of 1812; and Anyokah, who helps her father create a written Cherokee language. Descend into the darkness of a Pennsylvania coal mine with nine-year-old Joseph Miliauskas for a ten-hour day that leaves his fingers bloody; read Carolyn McKinstry’s account of being hosed by police during the 1963 Birmingham civil rights march; and join Jessica Govea, who, as a teenager, worked side by side with Cesar Chavez to organize migrant farm workers.

These and many other compelling accounts, linked together by Phillip Hoose’s lively, knowledgeable voice, make We Were There, Too! not only a great reference but a great read–one that prompts Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States, to comment: “This is an extraordinary book–wonderfully readable, inspiring to young and old alike, and unique. I know of nothing like it.”

Download Educator’s Guide
Listen to MPBN Interview, “Author Chronicles Youngest Pro Baseball Players”
Listen to MPBN Interview, “Author Recounts Child Labor Practices of the Past”
Listen to MPBN Interview, “Author Discusses The Roles Children Played in American Revolution”

Awards & Accolades
National Book Awards Finalist
Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Books of the Year
American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults
IRA Teachers’ Choices
Books for the Teen Age (New York Public Library)
Parents’ Choice Award Winner
NCSS-CBC Notable Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies
Booklinks Lasting Connection
Booklist Editors’ Choice
Horn Book Magazine Fanfare List

“A treasure chest of history come to life, this is an inspired collection. Readers could easily get lost in it by simply dipping into one compelling story after another. . .Because the book is packed with historical documents, evocatively illustrated. . .and full of eyewitness quotations, it should prove valuable to young historians and researchers.” –Starred, School Library Journal

“Exhilarating and revelatory history…a MUST reading for today’s youth — as well as their elders.” –Studs Terkel


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