Reader Composes Song for Claudette Colvin

Lillian Cook, you astound us.  This song is great gift to Claudette Colvin and to readers of her story.  We cannot tell you how moved we are.

This is an original song created as part of the Jeremy Salvner Memorial Music Competition, which is part of the Youngstown State University English Festival, a three-day celebration of reading and writing. This is the 2014 winner in the Junior High division (grades 7-9): Lillian Cook from the Willow Creek Learning Center. “Turn Your Back on Me” was inspired by Phillip Hoose’s book Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, which was one of 7 books that nearly 3,000 students read as part of the 2014 English Festival.

(Included some photos of Claudette Colvin and Phillip Hoose’s book. In addition, many of the photos are candid shots from the 2014 English Festival, which featured guest author Jordan Sonnenblick and guest lecturer CJ Bott. The video was designed by Brielle Pritchard.)


One thought on “Reader Composes Song for Claudette Colvin

  1. Hi. The book and song about Claudette are wonderful! I live in Montgomery. In 1955, another teen-aged girl was arrested for not giving up her seat on a bus. Mary Louise Smith (Ware), eighteen years old, was arrested in October. Mary Louise was one of the four plaintiffs in Browder v Gayle:
    Amelia Browder, Claudette Colvin, Susie McDonald, and Mary Louise Smith. Mary Louise still lives in Montgomery. HER STORY NEEDS TO BE TOLD.

    Thank you,
    Claire S. Milligan

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