Lord God! A 10th Anniversary Edition

9780374300357It have been 10 years since the original publication of the award-winning book, The Race to Save the Lord God Bird.  Much has happened since including…

“[Gene] Sparling was puzzled. Why would anyone look for Ivory-billed Woodpeckers in Arkansas? Ivory-bills were birds of Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana—the Deep South. For the first time, now a full week after his sighting, Sparling cracked open his old field guide and discovered that Arkansas was part of the Ivory-bill’s historic range. “That hit me hard,” he recalled. “It was then that I realized I actually had seen an Ivory-bill.”

The 10th Anniversary Edition features a new chapter about the endlessly debated 2004 Arkansas “rediscovery” of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker that made headlines around the world, an expanded introduction and more than a dozen new images. Most of all, it gives a chance to relive one of the greatest and most gripping environmental stories ever told…

The Search Never Ends!

Locate a copy at Amazon | Indiebound | ChildrensBookstore.com


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