Cheering for the Researchers

We loved this review from Reading by Example because she says she found herself “cheering for the researchers.”  Moonbird is not only a love song to B95, but a love song to all those researchers who band, count, wait, fly to, marvel at, and share their knowledge of the rufa red knot.  Let’s all let out a cheer for the researchers!

Moonbird is that rare book that entertains as much as it informs. The author chronicles one breeding cycle of a red rufa knot, B95. He is the oldest known shorebird of his species. The challenges B95 faces, both natural and manmade, bring a lot of suspense to the topic. I found myself cheering for the researchers who kept persisting in their inquiries about why the red rufa knot’s numbers are dwindling. It could serve by itself as the primary resource for a unit of study. You have got geography, history, environmental science, biology…and that is just the content areas.  —Reading by Example


2 thoughts on “Cheering for the Researchers

    • B95 has probably made it back to Tierra del Fuego by now, or he’s approaching the area. We usually start getting reports in about a month, when birders hit the beaches near Rio Grande with their local knowledge and fine optics.

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