Pete Seeger, Planter of Seeds


Phillip Hoose and Pete Seeger, 1996

In the fall of 1954, Pete Seeger began his long-running column “Appleseeds” in Sing Out! Magazine. He dedicated it to “the thousands of boys and girls who today are using their guitars and their songs to plant the seeds of a better tomorrow in the homes across our land.”

He was indeed a planter of seeds, seeds that germinated as individuals and small groups with backbone and heart.

I knew him best through his central role with one of those groups, the Children’s Music Network.

READ MORE of Phillip Hoose’s article, “Singer Seeger’s Legacy Extends Throughout Maine and Across the Generations.”


One thought on “Pete Seeger, Planter of Seeds

  1. Thanks, Phil. I loved Pete Seeger. Among my CDs and printed music collection I have more of Pete’s stuff than anybody. Thanks for the article. What a wonderful opportunity that yhou had to work with Pete. One of the finest human beings I’ve ever been acquinted with. Hope this finds you feelin good and enjoying life. While substiture teaching the other day we did an improptue lesson with Hey, little Ant. The kids loved it. As Pete would say, “Take it easy, but take it!” …. Dave…

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