Moonbird by Proxy

image011Marvelous blogger Barb Middleton of Reading Rumpus Book Reviews‘s husband read Moonbird by proxy.

“This expository text is so engaging that I kept spitting out facts to my husband as I was being wowed by this tiny creature that performs feats that don’t seem possible. Did you know that this bird eats 14 times it’s weight and manages to fly? Did you know in 2009 scientists invented geolocators so lightweight and small that they can track bird migration? Did you know that horseshoe crab blood is used to make sure medical equipment is sterilized? Did you know… the poor guy won’t have to read the book after me being a chatterbox of nonstop facts through 120 pages…”

Thanks to Barb for reading and posting such an awesome review and thanks to her husband for getting the B95 report via the “chatterbox.”


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