Interconnection of Species

Moonbird Photo by Jan van de Kam

Moonbird Photo by Jan van de Kam

We thank the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association for this review sprinkled with all of our favorite key words and phrases related to Moonbird:

act to make a change,
and interconnection of species.

“As he does with every topic he tackles–the ivory-billed woodpecker, civil rights, basketball–Hoose provides interesting details about his topic, and then, provides ways that they can act to make a change. Additionally, the thumbnail sketches of scientists and youngsters who are involved in making sure there is a place for B95 and others of his species answer any questions readers might have as they are reading. Above all, this is a survival story nestled within a story of conservation, one that reminds readers of the interconnection of species…Given the odds against him, how can we not care about the fate of B95 and others like him? Nonfiction doesn’t get better than this.”  –International Reading Association


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