Library Journal’s Best YA

Thank you to Angelina Benedetti for naming Moonbird to the Library Journal’s Best Books 2012: Young Adult Literature for Adults!

Phillip Hoose has always written his books for young adult and older.  So, it is particularly honor to be named to the best YA for Adults.  And an honor to have such a lovely review from Angelina Benedetti:

“I knew this book as having an impact on me when I caught myself watching shorebirds as I never had before. As he did in The Race To Save the Lord God Bird in 2004, Hoose examines an avian subject in a way that gives the reader new respect. While that book chronicled the tragedy of extinction, in Moonbird, this book uses a single living bird as the lens through which we are introduced to a threatened species. Tagged B95, the “moonbird” is a red knot of the subspecies rufa, a shorebird that annually migrates from South America to the Canadian Arctic; he has flown enough miles in his 20-year lifetime to have gone to the moon and halfway back. His survival is all the more amazing because during his lifetime, his species’ numbers have been reduced by 80 percent owing to human activity. A haunting story of survival against the odds, beautifully illustrated and including profiles of the scientists racing to save this species before it is too late.”


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