Oh, My Moon(bird) and Stars

MoonBird: A Year on the Wind with Great Survivor B95 is seeing stars. Yes, hopefully our intrepid shorebird hero is on Delaware Bay feeding on horseshoe crab eggs laid by starlight, but those are not the stars we speak of.

The book review journals have graced Moonbird (on sales 7/17/12) with 4 coveted “starred reviews.” Have a look at this Milky Way of praise:

★”Even for his species, B95 is extraordinary—“one of the world’s premier athletes”—but Hoose’s fascinating account concerns much more than this one bird. In lucid, graceful prose, Hoose details the red knots’ characteristics and strategies, sampling far-flung challenges to their survival…Glorious full-page color photographs alternate with excellent smaller photos…” —Horn Book, starred review

★“Meticulously researched and told with inspiring prose and stirring images, this is a gripping, triumphant story of science and survival.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

★“Readers will appreciate Hoose’s thorough approach in contextualizing this amazing, itinerant creature that was last spotted in 2011..” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

★“…beautifully written and meticulously researched…Sure to be one of the most well-received information books of the year, and deservedly so.l.” – Booklist, starred review”


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