Chasing B95

B95 a.k.a. Moonbird, the subject of Phillip Hoose’s new book (Photo: Jan van de Kam)

The Sussex Countian interviews author Phillip Hoose about the rufa red knot’s migration stop on Delaware Bay:

“I’ve chased that little guy all around the hemisphere and met people who have held him in their hands, but I have yet to see it myself,” said Phillip Hoose, a Newberry Honor and National Book Award-winning author, who will be attending this weekend’s festival to promote his newest work, Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95.

“I’m hoping to see him on the Mispillion River this weekend, because we know there were six sightings of him there last May,” Hoose said from his Portland, Maine home. “We know he was still out there on Nov. 25, which is when he was last sighted in Argentina.”

Read the full article, “The Hunt for the Red Knot”.


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