Pilgrim Children Gave Parents “Great Greefe”

“many of the [English children]…were drawn away by evil examples into extravagant and dangerous courses…to thee great greefe of their parents and dishonour of god.” –William Bradford

In celebration of Thanksgiving, author Phillip Hoose spoke to his local public radio station, MPBN, about the Pilgrim’s motivation to leave their adopted Holland because of their worry that their young people were on “extravagant and dangerous courses.”  Rebellious Pilgrim kids?? Not your common view of the holiday.

Listen here to Phil’s MPBN talk or revisit the “Saints and Strangers: Bound for Hope” chapter in Hoose’s We Were There Too: Young People in U.S. History.


One thought on “Pilgrim Children Gave Parents “Great Greefe”

  1. My husband’s ancestors came to America on the Mayflower, and I imagine the surviving girls and boys that Phillip mentions in his MPBN talk are among those people. We have visited Plymouth Plantation several times, and each time I am amazed that anyone could survive such harsh conditions.

    We look forward to having Phillip speak to the young people of our community on February 29.

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