Claudette Colvin’s Story Shared on NPR’s Radio Diaries


Claudette Colvin and Phillip Hoose

On March 2 at 4:50 or 5:50 PM, 2015, NPR’s All Things Considered  will air a story about Claudette Colvin. The broadcast will reach an audience of approximately 2 million listeners. The story features Phillip Hoose, author of Claudette Colvin, Twice Towards Justice and Claudette Colvin, herself.  The story will also be featured on the award-winning Radio Diaries podcast.


100 Biographies to Read in a Lifetime

9780312661052The Amazon book editors named Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice one of the 100 Biographies & Memoirs to Read in a Lifetime.  What fine company Claudette is in.

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Red Knots Declared Federally Threatened

B95 (center, with orange leg band) recently in Argentina. (Photo by Luis Benegas)

B95 (center, with orange leg band) recently in Argentina. (Photo by Luis Benegas)

“The rufa red knot makes another appearance in the Washington Post.   The taxa was declared Federally Threatened under the Endangered Species act last week.  As a result, hero of the book Moonbird is back in the news.  He is an adult male knot known as B95 who has survived so long that scientists have tallied up his lifetime frequent flyer mileage.  They’ve found that he has exceeded the distance between the earth and the moon–and most of the way back!

I hope he’s still around.   We last saw him late in May.   If he’s alive, he’s probably in Tierra del Fuego now, and with luck we could soon hear reports of his presence.”  —Phil Hoose

Ant Goes Vegan


“…if the tables were turned, you wouldn’t want to be squished by a giant, would you? So why should humans be mean to animals smaller than us?” —VegBooks Reader

VegBooks names Hey, Little Ant “Best Books for 5-Year-Old Vegan & Vegetarian Kids.”

“It can create a lot of dialogue focused around compassion.” —VegBooks Reader

Reader Composes Song for Claudette Colvin

Lillian Cook, you astound us.  This song is great gift to Claudette Colvin and to readers of her story.  We cannot tell you how moved we are.

This is an original song created as part of the Jeremy Salvner Memorial Music Competition, which is part of the Youngstown State University English Festival, a three-day celebration of reading and writing. This is the 2014 winner in the Junior High division (grades 7-9): Lillian Cook from the Willow Creek Learning Center. “Turn Your Back on Me” was inspired by Phillip Hoose’s book Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, which was one of 7 books that nearly 3,000 students read as part of the 2014 English Festival.

(Included some photos of Claudette Colvin and Phillip Hoose’s book. In addition, many of the photos are candid shots from the 2014 English Festival, which featured guest author Jordan Sonnenblick and guest lecturer CJ Bott. The video was designed by Brielle Pritchard.)

Lord God! A 10th Anniversary Edition

9780374300357It have been 10 years since the original publication of the award-winning book, The Race to Save the Lord God Bird.  Much has happened since including…

“[Gene] Sparling was puzzled. Why would anyone look for Ivory-billed Woodpeckers in Arkansas? Ivory-bills were birds of Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana—the Deep South. For the first time, now a full week after his sighting, Sparling cracked open his old field guide and discovered that Arkansas was part of the Ivory-bill’s historic range. “That hit me hard,” he recalled. “It was then that I realized I actually had seen an Ivory-bill.”

The 10th Anniversary Edition features a new chapter about the endlessly debated 2004 Arkansas “rediscovery” of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker that made headlines around the world, an expanded introduction and more than a dozen new images. Most of all, it gives a chance to relive one of the greatest and most gripping environmental stories ever told…

The Search Never Ends!

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17,400 Support Rufa Red Knots

B95 (center, with orange leg band) recently in Argentina. (Photo by Luis Benegas)

Rufa Red Knot B95 (center, with orange leg band)  in Argentina. (Photo by Luis Benegas)

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a final decision by November 28, 2014 on the 2013 proposal to list the rufa red knot as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. During more than 130 days of public comment the Service received more than 17,400 comments on the threatened listing proposal!

Some writers wrote supportive form letters, while others raised issues with the adequacy of horseshoe crab management, the impacts of wind turbines, the inclusion of interior states in the range, and other topics. The Fish and Wildlife Service requested an extension so they could read and consider this mountain of commentary. Learn more at here.